Direct response order fulfillment is crucial to the success of any e-commerce business. You need flawless order processing efficiency for your customer. MEYER Fulfillment is a member of the Electronic Retailing Association and a provider of complete direct response order fulfillment services. Count on us to be your trusted third party supplier.

We recognize that every component of the direct response order fulfillment process directly impacts the customer’s experience with your brand. We are proud to provide a turnkey approach for direct response order fulfillment and direct response electronic retailers located across the United States.

Seamless Integration from Order Placement to Shipment

Our technical specialists seamlessly integrate our systems with your e-commerce website to send all order information directly to our shipping floor. With a web based inventory management front end, you can monitor for your supply chain inventory levels in real time.

Direct response orders are sent for fulfillment directly to us. Direct response orders are processed in our fulfillment centers immediately after the transaction is approved. Products are picked, packed and shipped the same day, improving your customer experience and keeping your business running smoothly. We handle every step: individual order pick and pack, shipment via the best carrier method, and all the paperwork and labels to track your inventory.

MEYER Fulfillment handles every aspect of order fulfillment from quick packing and shipping to any and all possible returns. You’re provided with accurate inventory management, direct response order fulfillment accomplished in a timely manner, and a satisfied customer!

Our Direct Response Order Fulfillment Services Include: