Book Delivery, Simplified

As an independent book publisher facing unprecedented challenges in today’s economy, partnering with an established fulfillment company known for its commitment to customer service is crucial. Partnering with MEYER Fulfillment helps you take on large publishers, e-books, and large retail outlets. We know what you’re facing and have put together a book fulfillment solution that will keep your readers happy and save you money.

Our automated packaging capabilities provide the perfect packaging protection for your books. Form fitted with damage absorbing ends to be sure your books reach your customers in pristine shape. Our tech team integrates the ordering process directly with your website and/or via EDI to enable fast and accurate orders. Web orders are fulfilled same day and we have negotiated shipping savings with major national carries. Our knowledge of major trade partners assures that your distribution will be made to spec, minimizing or eliminating charge backs.

Talk to us about how using our services for your book fulfillment is more than smart, it’s book smart.

More information about our book fulfillment services in CT, MA and NY is below: