The Power of Real-Time Information

MEYER Fulfillment offers complete retail fulfillment EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services to help transmit bulk orders quickly and accurately from your systems to ours and then to your trade partners or consumers. This instant exchange of data streamlines your operation decision making and allows your customers to have faster order processing turnaround. MEYER Fulfillment employs turn-key, technology-based integration tools to ensure smooth integration of our product fulfillment services with your daily operations. Customers have online access to check on the status of their orders through real-time tracking and download customizable reports.

We handle retail fulfillment EDI services for bulk shipping to retailer distribution centers and stores, drop shipping Direct-To-Consumer, and drop shipping Direct-To-Store. Our common EDI documents include Protocols: 810 Invoice, 812 Returns, 816 Organizational Relationships, 820 Remittance Advice, 850 Purchase Order, 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement, 856 Advanced Shipping Notice, 860 Purchase Order Change Request, 864 Text Message and 940/945 warehouse order processes. We can also customize fulfillment transaction solutions and EDI translations to other file formats for your convenience. Our extensive experience with trade partners and their delivery requirements means that all shipments will be to specification with UCC-128 labeling, minimizing or eliminating charge-backs.