E-commerce shipping costs directly impact your ability to attract customers and provide competitive pricing. Through our high volume of parcel shipping, MEYER Fulfillment gets the best rates available, and passes the savings directly to you. We have negotiated shipping cost savings with all the major small package handlers like UPS, FEDEX, and the U.S. Postal Service. We don’t use shipping as a profit center. What it costs to ship your item with a selected carrier is what you pay.

MEYER Fulfillment not only saves you money, we save you time too!  We realize service times are a critical part of providing excellent customer service.  Delivering your products in a timely manner is essential to maintain your company’s service standard for your customer.  Our transportation services team constantly works to route your packages via the fastest, least expensive carrier, all with fulfillment shipping cost savings in mind. We even send package tracking numbers to your customers to enable them to trace their purchases and track delivery times.

Fulfillment Shipping Cost Savings through our partnerships: