MEYER Fulfillment’s Efficient and Reliable E-Commerce Solutions
18 Aug

MEYER Fulfillment’s Efficient and Reliable E-Commerce Solutions

MEYER Fulfillment has a full range of e-commerce fulfillment services to help our clients efficiently manage the flow of order information and inventory from businesses to their clients and customers: pick, pack and ship, inventory management, kitting, assembly, on-line order processing, retail distribution, automated packaging, EDI services, warehousing, and website integration. For businesses in the housewares industries, we have provided complete solutions for over 15 years. As e-commerce continues to grow across all industries, our services have adapted to provide the latest technology and reliable fulfillment services.

Quick, accurate fulfillment of customer orders and bulk retails orders is the heart of our order fulfillment services. MEYER Fulfillment easily integrates with nearly all e-commerce platforms so that your customer’s orders from your site are sent directly to us for the fastest turnaround times. From there, our experienced team members quickly pick, pack, and ship your orders to get to your customer as quickly as possible. Additional sales materials for seasonal promotions, holidays, and new products are easily added to this streamlined process. An integral part of successful e-commerce is reliable, prompt drop shipping. Our retail distribution solutions include bulk shipping to retail establishments like Kohl’s, Target, and TJ Maxx. For online consumer shopping, orders are sent directly to the consumer.

Mike Cavallo, Director of Sales for our Fulfillment Division, notes: “With over 15 years in the order fulfillment industry, we’ve grown our services to handle different volumes for every sized company. We average over 10,000 shipments per day, with a 99.98% rate of accuracy. Our service teams are also able to adapt to seasonal volume changes, depending on the needs of your company and customers. With our large volume of daily shipments we have negotiated savings with large logistics providers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx. We pass those savings directly to our customers, so their customers save in the end with fast and reliable shipping options.” Same day shipping for individual parcel packages is available as well as LTL freight options.

MEYER Fulfillment’s logistics and shipping services set the industry standard with quick delivery, accurate packing, and dedicated customer service. Our 1 million square feet of state-of-the-art warehouse space is always open for onsite visits. Our customers can be hands on with their product and get a firsthand view of our process to ensure quality control. Over the years we’ve worked with businesses of every size to fulfill their online orders for their customers, and we know we can grow with your company – no matter your fulfillment needs.

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