Increasing Customer Demand Inspires Expansion of POD Services
11 Jun

Increasing Customer Demand Inspires Expansion of POD Services

Today’s consumers want information quickly. William B. Meyer’s Print on Demand (POD) services help their clients efficiently and cost effectively fulfill customer needs for instant information. MEYER Fulfillment has recently added an additional printer to their print on demand system. This allows MEYER Fulfillment to offer customized print solutions through out their network of locations.

Print on demand (POD) is a printing technology and business process in which new copies of a book, booklet, or other documents are not printed until an order has been received. This process allows documents to be printed one at a time and customized or tailored to the audience receiving the printed piece. Many academic publishers including university presses now use POD services to maintain a large backlist of publications. Some even use POD for all of their publications. Larger publishers may use POD in special circumstances, such as reprinting older titles that are out of print or for performing test marketing.

William B. Meyer’s Fulfillment Services Supervisor Tom Durand explains,” We have invested in equipment we know can handle the print demands of our customers.   We can print anything from single sided, black and white print sell sheets to full color, multi-page stitched booklets for our clients. Customers no longer need to run conventional print runs of literature for us to warehouse. With our Print on Demand network, we can digitally produce any marketing materials a client wants to include in mailings at the time they are required, significantly reducing inventory-carrying costs.”

MEYER Fulfillment has recognized client needs by investing in versatile equipment and ordering systems that can handle any printing, folding, and stitching (stapling) requirements. The color and black and white RICOH printers have large capacity paper storage and a rapid page per minute output.

We can print anything from single sided, black and white print sell sheets to full color, multi-page stitched booklets.

We can print anything from single sided, black and white print sell sheets to full color, multi-page stitched booklets.

MEYER programmers have also created customized ordering systems which allow sales and marketing personnel from each institution to order materials quickly and easily over the web, with the added benefit of personalizing documents to the end recipient. This has enabled internal /external wholesalers and marketing personnel to access the centralized system 24/7 from their desktop and place custom orders for delivery.

William B. Meyer Inc. Director of Sales, Mike Cavallo cites a great example of how MEYER’s Print On Demand system works for a client in the financial industry. “The client requires very specific forms and documents unique to each state be included in their sales kits to sell their financial funds. These kits include a mix of both black and white printed forms and color booklets on the various fund products that can range from 16 to 52 pages and need to be stitched. With our Print On Demand System, the client’s needs are met quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.”

Tom Durand commented that, “Currently there is a high demand for four color print for one of our clients who supplies Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance forms to the motor carrier industry. Increased volume of black &white forms for the financial services account made it an easy decision to purchase a separate black & white workhorse machine which has an output of 135 pages per minute. Both clients’ needs are on different scales. The financial services client currently has a high volume of B&W requested for print. The transportation industry account, on the other hand, has a high volume of color that is a given volume each month. Demands for both clients could shift on a monthly basis, so now with the two printers it gives us flexibility. POD has been a big help with the financial services account. Having the ability to produce an inventory piece that is in house rather than waiting for delivery from an outside source has saved us and the client time and money.”

For more information on William B. Meyer’s Fulfillment Print on Demand services, and how you can create a customized print on demand system for your client literature or publications, visit our website at or call 800 727-5985.

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