Should You Consider Outsourcing Your E-Commerce Fulfillment?
14 Feb

Should You Consider Outsourcing Your E-Commerce Fulfillment?

Online purchasing has taken over the retail world and customers now conveniently order anything with a few key strokes. After an order takes place, there are important steps to complete a purchase and get your product into the customer’s hands. With the rise of e-commerce, order fulfillment is a requirement.

Order fulfillment is the complete process from point of sale until delivery to the end customer.  The most important part of order fulfillment is installing confidence in your customer that their order will be processed and delivered quickly in the condition they expect. Order fulfillment can be a self-service model, but if a company has steady volume, outsourcing is the right solution.

Top Reasons to Outsource Order Fulfillment:

  1. Allows your company to focus on growing your brand.
  2. Provides the latest fulfillment technology without having to invest in new systems yourself.
  3. Scalable resources – if your company’s distribution needs increase or decrease, you won’t worry about staffing or space needs, especially good for a business with s seasonal fluctuation demands.

MEYER Fulfillment provides fulfillment services for a range e-commerce needs. MEYER e-commerce fulfillment can pick, pack, and ship items, provide inventory management, drop-shipping, web store creation, full website integration, and online tracking. Our solutions are customized to meet any of your order fulfillment needs and we provide real time order status through web-based tracking, customized reporting capabilities, and fast turnaround times. With distribution centers strategically located in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York we are ready to meet your growing needs.

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