Empowering Sales Performance

POS and Promotional Material Solutions

Point of sale (POS) and Promotional campaign timelines are critical to a successful campaign. You need the right partner to make sure your materials are in the field and performing on schedule. MEYER Fulfillment ensures that your kits are packed and assembled as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have the right combination of services to make your POS and promotional materials hit your target on time.

Customized Fulfillment and Reporting

After our warehouses receive and log your materials, we provide additional services for the easiest and fastest set up of POS and Promotions in the field. Partial assembly of racks and displays, kitting of multiple items with instructions, careful packing, and quick shipping get your promotion in front of your customers on time. Your reps or retail outlets have access to a customized online web store to order the displays they need, when they need them. You are in total control with access to online inventories and shipping status in real-time, 24/7 to set limits on materials and shipping methods by account and item.

Our POS and Promotion Fulfillment solutions can help improve your sales in more ways than one: