Flexible warehouse management solutions

MEYER Fulfillment works with each client to define their project goals and develop an inventory management solution suited to their order fulfillment requirements. Our team will work with you to establish warehousing inventory and stock replenishment levels to reduce inventory costs. With MEYER Fulfillment, you have access to an online custom warehousing fulfillment inventory management system tailored to your specific supply chain needs and recurring distribution schedules. All inventories are monitored through our user-friendly warehouse management system which allows easy, 24/7 customer access via the web.

Your inventory is barcoded as it arrives in one of our state-of-art warehouse facilities. Items are then scanned in and out of inventory and a complete inventory status is immediately available online. With customized reporting options, you can receive automatic email reminders when inventory dips below a specified minimum. Our warehousing fulfillment inventory management system and services enable customers to reduce material costs, warehouse transactions, and minimize inventory carrying costs.

MEYER provides complete in-house EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services to integrate your orders with your customers or trade partners.  We will work with you to supply EDI data in any required file format and will coordinate all third party data integration efforts.

Our Inventory Management Services include:

  • Barcoding incoming inventory
  • Real time inventory email alerts
  • Web-based warehousing and fulfillment inventory management system
  • Secure online order processing and tracking
  • Web based client EDI services